At Pranam GlobalTech, we believe in providing the premier services that make our clients strong, productive and prepared for a vibrant future. We accomplish this through an extensive range of affordable service options ranging from construction and engineering to environmental work and technological supply and support. Combined with these comprehensive options is a lasting dedication to customer satisfaction that covers clients from the start of a large project to a successful finish.

Construction Services

PGT offers services_1nearly limitless possibilities for construction services in the central Michigan region and beyond. We start by consulting with clients on the optimum plans for construction, making any necessary revisions along the way, and finalizing the planning stage only after preliminary budget estimates are completely satisfactory for the client.

Our experienced professionals only employ the most committed and skilled subcontractors where they are needed. We also only use building materials of the highest quality for durability and a pleasing aesthetic that adds value to any completed project. We encourage prospective clients to visit our Engineering Services

The planning, design and engineering experts at PGT will consult with you to make your next project one that is both under budget and above expectations. Our engineering team’s combined experience puts every client at an advantage when they are looking for superior quality systems designed to custom specification.

Environmental Services

PGT offers services_2clients a wide scope of environmental services to make any cleanup or restoration effort one that is safe and time-sensitive. We effectively and safely dispose of hazardous materials such as lead paint, asbestos, mold and materials containing heavy metals. Our technicians are certified to manage any project as well as treat and restore any setting requiring quality environmental intervention.

Technology Services

Rely on PGT to outfit your organization with the technological capabilities it needs to succeed. We provide clients with the technology and support solutions that allow them to handle operations and conduct business in a rapidly transforming world. The PGT technology specialists are proud to bring every client the opportunity to not only adapt but thrive with cutting-edge techniques and outstanding technology. Contact us today to see how PGT can supply your organization with the technology to support an expanding business.

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